Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke GmbH

As a subsidiary of Riva Stahl GmbH, HES GmbH operates a steel mill at its company seat in Hennigsdorf. In addition to 2 electric arc furnaces, a ladle furnace and 2 continuous casting machines, the company features a continuous fine steel rolling mill as well as various production facilities for further processing.

Short description of the project contribution

Development of a flexibility platform

HES GmbH supports the WindNODE partner project as an associated partner.

Within the scope of the ‘Innovative Process Platform’ sub-project, a flexibility platform is developed to integrate the additional flexibility potentials in the redispatch process. The integration of these installations should be voluntary and free of discrimination. To that end, a web platform should be developed where installation operators, marketers or aggregators can offer their flexibility for specific locations or areas and can be procured by system operators in need of redispatch. The concept development concerns the design of the web platform, the development of a prequalification procedure, the definition of products, the determination of the sequence of the bidding process, the communication of the flexibility potential including  coordination between grid levels and the call process as well as invoicing matters.

In the scope of this collaboration, Riva Stahl wants to study whether a flexible load offer can be realised on the flexibility platform and in this context is also willing to discuss the concept development.

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