Gewobag ED Energie- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH

The energy subsidiary Gewobag ED, established in 2013, implements the energy transition in city districts and supplies tenants with heat, electricity and energy-related services in a highly efficient manner.

Gewobag ED’s sustainable energy supply has many building blocks, such as CHP plants, photovoltaic / solar thermal systems and wind turbines, passive houses and energy-related renovation. Also included are the own brand ‘Quartier-Strom’ (district electricity), tailor-made supply concepts in the ‘Quartier Smart City’ area such as mobility offers covering all aspects of car sharing and e-mobility as well as smart home and smart living.

Short description of the project contribution

Testing a storage CHP unit and integration of a steam turbine

In the Gewobag district Bottroper Weg, Vattenfall Energy Solutions GmbH operates a climate-friendly heating system with a CHP unit.

As an additional innovation, the expansion of the existing heat supply installation should be studied. This will be an interesting point of comparison with the district concepts of the ‘prototypes of the Smart City’ workstream. The objective is to test the system integration of a Combined Heat and Power Storage System (CHPS) and its use during active operation. The CHPS should store renewable energy and supply this electricity to the system as heat.

In a subsequent expansion step, the integration of a steam turbine is considered, which can be used to reconvert the stored heat to electricity if required. Step by step, the electricity generated in the district (‘Quartier-Strom’) and the heat generated will become 100 % carbon-neutral.

Gewobag can exchange ideas with other research districts during the conception, construction and operation phases of the CHPS and provide contributions for the questions regarding the transferability of district concepts and the overall potential of district contributions for the integration of renewable energy.

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