Fernheizwerk Neukölln AG

Fernheizwerk Neukölln AG is the traditional local district heating supplier in the metropolitan heart of the Berlin borough of Neukölln. The administrative site is the Weigandufer heat plant.

The company generates and distributes heating to about 40,000 households, several stores, hotels and other commercial customers as well as to the public institutions near the city. In addition to various cogeneration plants and boiler units, FHW Neukölln AG owns the largest heat storage unit of Berlin as well as a Power-to-Heat installation.

Short description of the project contribution

Flexibility options in the interaction between CHP electricity generation and consumption units

In the workstream ‘PtH applications for large-scale system integration of Power-to-District Heating in Berlin’, FHW Neukölln will work together with Vattenfall Wärme to study and test the development of the marketing of flexibility options in the interaction between flexible combined heat and power generation (8 MWel and 9.2 MWth) and electricity consumption units (10 MWel / 10 MWth Power-to-Heat unit) at the Neukölln site in Berlin.

The current-controlled management of the entire plant is to be demonstrated, taking into account the distribution grid situation. The interaction between lowering the CHP’s electricity generation and the simultaneous activation of the Power-to-Heat unit enables a reversal from 8 MWel of feed-in to 10 MWel of consumption. This hub of up to 18 MWel can be designed in such a manner that it does not affect the heat supply. The creation of a communication interface to control the processes is therefore necessary to automatically control the identification of RES surpluses and the activation and deactivation of the electricity generation and consumption units.

Furthermore, a control system / platform for the entire system has to be developed that combines the use of RES generation from wind with the use of the Power-to-Heat unit and the CHP unit.

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