eZeit Ingenieure GmbH

eZeit Ingenieure GmbH is a planning office in Berlin that plans and implements overall energy concepts in all areas of residential and commercial construction.

The office is known for its innovative solutions in the field of climate-neutral construction and renovation. With its concepts, it can already exceed the climate protection targets for 2050. The company invests in research to further optimise resource-conserving construction methods.

Short description of the project contribution

Building planning in the energy transition – integration of innovative technologies with optimal use of resources

City districts designed with an overall energy concept can play a key role in the energy transition: this way, households and especially those with a low income can profit from favourable carbon-neutral energy for electricity, heating and hot water. At the same time, the use of resources and the corresponding costs for the construction of these buildings can be reduced considerably, which is the basis for an alliance for affordable construction and housing.

This is possible through the integration of a maximum share of locally generated heat using innovative heat storage technology and highly efficient installation technology as well as the optimal use of resources into the planning of the building envelope. This saves construction costs and furthermore minimises the use of grey energy. The integration of local electricity generation and storage units lowers the primary energy demand of the technical building equipment even further and enables the regional marketing of new business models such as tenant electricity models and energy cooperative models.

Through the integral consideration as part of a city-state cluster, grid-supporting services can be provided and therefore be integrated into the power grid with a stabilising effect in addition to general energy self-sufficiency. In SolWo Königspark, Power-to-Heat systems are to be installed precisely for this purpose and integrated into the ancillary services market under commercial contracts. Subsequently, in cooperation with other WindNODE projects, an analysis and transferability to the model projects in Schöneberg and Prenzlauer Berg can be presented based on the results obtained.

Furthermore, a possible contribution of the building sector to the energy transition can be determined by using renewable energy in city districts, including their conversion into heat (PtH).

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