Arbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsame Energie- und Wasserverwendung GbR (ASEW) in the VKU (Association of Local Public Utilities)

The ASEW is the efficiency network for public utility companies in Germany. Founded in Cologne in 1989, the ASEW gathers about 270 municipal energy and water supply companies. The ASEW’s core values have always been to carry forward energy efficiency, promote renewable energy and to develop energy services. We promote sustainable action to urban and municipal utilities and their customers. We offer our members support in four domains: products, consulting, advanced training and grid services.

Short description of the project contribution

Making WindNODE visible for public utility companies

The ASEW offers direct access to its 270 nation-wide member utilities as well as additional access to an extensive network of another 700 utility companies through its close ties with the VKU. Via the ASEW, the showcase is made visible nationwide. As the ASEW has become the first contact for many public utilities for matters of energy and climate policy, it can credibly convey the approaches of the consortium and make a decisive contribution to the implementation of new ideas at the national level. In turn, the ASEW member utilities can disseminate the results through their direct contacts with end consumers.

Within the WindNODE project, the ASEW’s main objective is to involve the German utilities with a view to the transfer of know-how and the implementation and transfer of innovative business models from the project demonstrators into the business processes of these municipal utilities. Together with the utilities, new business areas should be identified and realised, and the focus should be moved to an even better identification of the customers’ needs within the energy transition. In this regard, the utilities are a unique point of contact, as their access to private end consumers as well as commercial and industrial customers puts them in the best position to reach the entire market. In this manner, the project obtains the needed impulses to orient the project and the municipalities can serve as a sounding board for the WindNODE innovation approaches.

To provide quality support for the WindNODE project developments, the ASEW has implemented a study group and organised targeted thematic workshops in addition to discussions with the individual utilities. This way, the project parters can always practically discuss developments and results and the utility experts can test the usefulness of the concepts and provide regular feedback. In its WindNODE dissemination strategy, the ASEW also plans regular publications of the overall results, which should also be integrated in the development of a ‘virtual visitor site’ to complement the ‘walk-through index’ of the project. The integration of WindNODE’s results into the ASEW events, seminars and courses further complements the dissemination activities.


9: Participation and dissemination

  • 9.6: Public utility companies as innovation disseminators in the smart energy system

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