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WindNODE Live! gets a permanent home

Dioramic table will be exhibited in Berlin's Energy Museum in the future

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Over the past three years, the mobile exhibition WindNODE Live! has toured the WindNODE region at 25 different stops and has made stops in all six participating German federal states.

Conceived as a touring exhibition by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, its aim was to inform about the project contents and partners as well as to present a contact point for people interested in the project. Thus, it was an essential component of the activities in the work package on "Participation and Dissemination" of WindNODE.

Now it is certain that all elements of WindNODE Live! will be used also after the project duration and thus, in the sense of sustainability and knowledge transfer, will continue to report on the core components of WindNODE and SINTEG. The descriptive dioramatic table with 3D elements, short explanatory videos and a listening station will even be publicly exhibited and given a new home in the Energy Museum Berlin. There it can be viewed as part of the permanent exhibition as soon as the museum reopens its doors after the end of the corona-related restrictions.

The other elements (information triangles) of WindNODE Live! will be used in the future by Siemens Energy in their Training Center Berlin, where they will be presented to trainees to give them an insight into the future of the energy system. Berlin Partner is pleased that the success story of WindNODE Live! can thus be continued after the end of the project.

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