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Press release: Energy System 2.0 – Findings of the WindNODE research project on flexibility, market and regulation published

Berlin. The increasing share of renewables on the German power grid means that innovative solutions must be able to use as much as possible of the resulting green electricity in a meaningful way during peak generation. In a newly published synthesis report entitled Flexibility, Market and Regulation, the WindNODE coordination committee of that name has compiled the findings of its four-year project on the integration of renewables, placing particular emphasis here on the marketing and regulation of flexibility.

In the Flexibility, Market and Regulation synthesis report, the WindNODE – Showcasing Smart Energy Systems from Northeastern Germany project partners present different perspectives on the issue of integrating renewables. The project identified and assessed flexibility potential, tested new types of flexibility procurement for congestion management and analysed the regulatory framework and checked it for further development.

A particular focus of the report is provided by the supplier perspectives on flexibility of the four WindNODE partners Siemens, BMW, Berlin gas company GASAG and the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability:

  • The implementation of a suitable metering system and the detailed evaluation of individual processes opened up new opportunities for flexibility marketing at the Siemens industrial site.
  • The BMW Group built a second-life storage farm from used and new vehicle batteries. The storage farm is active on the electricity market and, in the future, will be used to synchronise generation and consumption at the plant.
  • Algorithms developed by the GASAG Group for intelligent and forecast-based control of energy systems benefit from the new Power-to-Heat/Power-to-Cold storage system, significantly increasing the possibilities for optimisation.
  • Work by the Borderstep Institute has shown that buildings and neighbourhoods can operate in ways that benefit the grid and the markets while maintaining a high level of comfort for residents.

The Flexibility, Market and Regulation synthesis report provides a comprehensive look at the marketing options for flexible generators and consumers and addresses key issues, such as the challenges and opportunities presented by new consumers and generators of low-voltage electricity, against the backdrop of a society that is continuing ever further down the path of decarbonisation. The report can be viewed free of charge here:

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Julia Pries
T  +49 30 5150 2954
M +49 151 4019 6532

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