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Peer review paper on blockchain published

WindNODE peer review paper "A market overview of the Blockchain in the energy industry" published by TU Berlin’s Department of Energy Systems.

The study "A market overview of the Blockchain in the energy industry", prepared by the Department of Energy Systems at the TU Berlin within the joint-project of WindNODE, divides the Blockchain technology into technical modules and classifies existing Blockchain solutions on the basis of the methodology developed. Starting point of the study is a profound market analysis of the current use of the blockchain in the energy sector. The study is an important guide for the applicability of the technology and helps in decision-making and comparability of possible business models. The study comes to the conclusion that there are still a large number of block chain projects along the energy industry value chain, but without offering an all-encompassing block chain solution, which, as often assumed in advance, disrupts the energy industry. Instead, individual modules or special features of the Blockchain (e.g. smart contracts) have the potential to support very specific, tailor-made solutions.

You can download the paper here.

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