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Tour of the high-temperature storage by Lumenion

On 17. September and 15. October 2020 WindNODE partner Lumenion invites you to visit the steel based high temperature storage facility in Berlin Reinickendorf.

© Kerstin Reisch, Lumenion GmbH

The novel sector-coupling steel storage system from the energy storage start-up Lumenion is integrated into the district and local heating supply operated by Vattenfall Energy Solutions Plus. In a Gewobag housing estate in Tegel-Süd, a secure and grid-compatible supply of electricity and heat from regional renewable energy is thus made possible. To this end, the high-temperature storage unit stores peak generation cost- and space-efficient with up to 650° Celsius as heat. If required, this heat can then be converted back into electricity or used directly.

On 17. September and 15. October 2020 the storage facility can be visited. Since there are still some remaining places to be allocated, please contact lena.beber(at) as soon as possible if you are interested.

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