WindNODE spotlight

Our new format "WindNODE spotlight" will present interesting subprojects in detail, explaining interim results and providing background information, photographs and videos.

WindNODE is a project comprised of more than 70 partners that are collaborating on 50 subprojects. Each individually, they contribute to solving the challenge: integrating renewable energy sources into our energy system. To understand the project's full scope, it is crucial to examine WindNODE's parts in detail.

Each of our "WindNODE spotlight" stories will provide you with a tangible impression of one of our subprojects. Which research questions are asked, and how do we plan to answer them? Who are the people behind the solutions and how do they contribute to WindNODE and our overall mission: advancing the energy transition?

The spotlights

Balancing the power grid by generating heat and cold

At the ‘European Energy Forum’ (EUREF), beneath the gasometer in Berlin-Schöneberg, GASAG Solution Plus is testing a Power-to-Heat/Power-to-Cold installation that is unique in Germany as part of WindNODE. Their first learning: demand is greater than anticipated.

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