Value creation

WindNODE seeks to guarantee a secure, affordable and comfortable electricity supply, even when the share of renewables is very high. A ‘smart energy system’ nevertheless offers more opportunities than merely fulfilling the supply task: energy innovations, which we successfully demonstrate in our pilot region, are followed with interest on an international scale. They also strengthen our position on the technology map and secure jobs. At the same time, WindNODE is committed to the development of standards that can also shape the future of the energy sector on an international scale.

Establishing standards for the smart energy system made in Germany

The efficient system integration of large volumes of renewable energy is the guiding principle of WindNODE. But what exactly is an ‘efficient energy system’? We need a measuring system to analyse, assess and compare the overall system efficiency. We furthermore have to ensure that the efficient energy system uses one ‘language’ at the technical level, so that the required protocols and standards are in place, e.g. in the field of data exchange.  Another aspect is to obtain the power of interpretation for the next phase of the ‘energy transition made in Germany’.

  • Definition and measurement of the overall system efficiency: an efficiency measuring system is developed that covers the technical, ecological and social aspects. This results in a differentiated concept for overall system efficiency, which is used to measure the project progress at WindNODE on the one hand and on the other hand can be developed further as a diagnostic instrument for the analysis of other energy systems.
  • Overview on standardisation: we are carrying out a needs analysis for the standardisation requirements in the scope of the ‘smart energy system’, ensure the participation in relevant national and international organisations and if necessary initiate specific standardisation initiatives.
  • Cooperation in VHPready: with VHPready, WindNODE is committed to a concrete standardisation initiative aiming at the standardised networking of decentralised energy installations.

Technology leadership: seizing opportunities for position and exports

Discussions about the energy transition still mostly focus on problems. In reality, however, the technology leadership in the ‘smart energy system’ holds great opportunities for the WindNODE region through the development of high-quality jobs, through the networking of the relevant players in the six participating federal states and through the export potential for the technology providers.

  • Networking in the region: WindNODE considers itself a platform and think tank, not only for the participating partners, but also for other external players and initiatives. We offer active networking in the scope of our consortium meetings, which are held in all participating federal states in turn, as well as through our regular expert workshops and dialogues.
  • Supporting the transformation process: "We know energy and transition" – WindNODE not only has the energy technology expertise, but is also at home in a region that has experience with major transformation processes. We want to use this environment to demonstrate how the transformation of the energy system can be organised through case studies (e.g. together with the initiative ‘My Energy for My City’).
  • Cooperation with the federal states: we work closely together with the six participating federal states to ensure the inclusion of their energy and climate policy objectives. Together, we want to work on such subjects as grid development and sector coupling, the coupling of smart energy and smart city, job creation, cross-state energy industry networking as well as communication and participation concepts.
  • Visibility and partnerships abroad: WindNODE should contribute to the development of export opportunities for the ‘smart energy system made in Germany’. To this end, WindNODE seizes opportunities for international presence and builds on existing partnerships.

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