KEMS - The municipal energy management system [ARCHIVED]

The project involves the development of basic engineering for the coupling of the electricity and heating sectors by means of central and decentralised energy clusters of a typical large city, consisting of generation, storage, distribution and the demonstration of the cooperation with the municipal energy management system (KEMS). The objective of the KEMS subproject is the basic development and testing of software to capture and visualise different measurements and grids for different media (heat and electricity). This involves the creation of a simulation environment to analyse the efficiency and the integration of PtH units and battery storage units in a heating grid.

The central element, a map representing the grids, including initial grid participants (generating units, consumers, grid components) as pictograms, will be created and can be viewed as a visitor site of the WindNODE project. This way, interested visitors can already obtain a detailed view of the current progress of the WindNODE project workstream.


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