Energy in Motion [ARCHIVED]

Discover the interactive exhibit ENERGY IN MOTION at the Technical University of Berlin and go on an exciting journey to explore the world of energy. What is the connection between plant life and energy? What exactly is an oil field? How much energy does Denmark actually need? And which countries emit the least CO₂? Answers to these and many other questions are given by the ENERGY IN MOTION exhibit.

In the scope of WindNODE – showcasing smart energy systems from north-eastern Germany – an exhibit on the theme of energy was opened at TU Berlin. ENERGY IN MOTION guides you through the world of energy at various stops, vividly describing how energy is handled, what the consequences are for the use of energy and what the future energy supply will look like. The ENERGY IN MOTION exhibit appeals to different senses. At five thematic islands with audio recordings, video clips and interactive offers, new and old exciting key facts are illustrated and solution approaches for the future are presented. In this context, personal and social energy consumption as well as various supply flows and the current use of fossil fuels are dealt with. On our rotating globe, countries can be compared in terms of their energy demand, their use of renewable and fossil energy or their CO₂ emissions.

With this exhibit, WindNODE wants to make an active and important contribution to the information and discussion about the topic ‘energy and future energy supply’ and to impart knowledge on energy and energy management to the general public. ENERGY IN MOTION welcomes everyone interested in energy. The exhibition also is a place of learning for pupils from the 9th grade, students, colleagues and future event participants (conferences, conventions).


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